An Aunty Ida Comedy Invention Series


Problems? Aunty Ida can help. Just ask Margaret.*

(*Spare brains/brain parts not included.)

What readers are saying: 

–“Astounding change of pace. I love the intracacy of the story, evolving in a quicker pace as you go. Not many authors can hold my attention like Isa-Lee Wolf.”

–“This book was very crazy and super clever. I totally enjoyed the world building and the characters who don’t stop to surprise you at every turn.”

–“I absolutely love this story. I started reading it on Friday at a coffee shop and laughed out loud over my latte and coffee cake. That laughter reappeared whenever I resumed the story throughout the week.”

–“This is a really funny and unusual roller-coaster of a read.”

–“A total original! You have never read a book quite like this or met a character quite like Aunty Ida.”



Aunty Ida 2 correctly filled in3

Brian’s been a bad, bad boy.  And Aunty Ida knows it.

What readers are saying: 

–“There have been many times that I’ve read an excellent book and happily bought the second in the series, only to be disappointed. Not the case at all with this second Aunty Ida book. The first in the series was so utterly fantastical, it seemed impossible to continue at that level of humor. With this second book, the author took the ball and kept on running!”

–“My second visit to this particular mental institution has left me deliciously dazed and dizzy. If you have come so far as to read the Reviews, go ahead, and click Buy Now.”

–“The second Aunty Ida book is every bit as much fun as the first. In fact it’s better. It’s fast, it’s sharp, it’s literate, it’s witty, it’s funny and Aunty Ida herself remains one of the most fascinating and original characters in SF for many years.”